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Packed with personal experiences, biblical principles and specific prayers for your children's various circumstances, A Mother's Guide to Praying For Your Children will help you in praying for:  young children, godly children, prodigal children, special-needs children, stepchildren, adopted ones, teenagers, their friends, teachers, coaches, and adult children. The Appendix includes dozens of Scripture based prayers a mom can use daily. 
"It's the best book I've ever used in praying for my children through every phase of their lives," one mom wrote.


Her books and messages provide hope, faith, and straight-forward practical steps toward Christian maturity.

Hope For A Widow's Heart - Encouraging Reflections For Your Journey

Hope For A Widow's Heart - Encouraging Reflections for Your Journey offers help, hope and healing for a widow. It includes testimonies from other widows, appropriate prayers, faith-filled scriptures and lessons gleaned from Biblical widows. Widows share their struggles: grief, anger, worry, guilt, loneliness, fear of the future, facing hard decisions and piles of paperwork as well as their many triumphs. The Appendix offers wives practical steps to take before they become widows. (Authentic Publishers)

A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare helps you learn to use God's tremendous spiritual power to resist the enemy: to break cycles of bondage and weakness in your family history, to make your home a spiritual refuge, and to fight for the health of your marriage. See our companion book The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide. It  shows how God's Word is the strongest weapon in the believer's arsenal and how to apply biblical promises to every area of life, whether in illness, financial trouble, depression, concern for wayward loved ones, unemployment or spiritual confusion.


Some recent or more popular books include:

The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide (Regal)

Praying Prodigals Home (Regal)

The Beginner's Guide to Receiving the Holy Spirit (Regal)

Grandma I Need Your Prayers (Zondervan)

Lord, I Need to Pray With Power (Charisma)

You Can Break That Habit and Be Free (Chosen Books)


Others written or co-authored include:

Becoming a Spirit-Led Mom (Harvest House)
The Warm and Welcome Home
Prayer Partnerships
Listen, God is Speaking to You
Prayers Women Pray
Prayers From A Grandma's Heart
A Woman’s Guide to Breaking Bondages
A Woman’s Guide to Getting Through Tough Times
A Woman's Guide to Spirit-Filled Living
How to Pray for Your Family and Friends
How to Pray for Your Children
Good Night, Lord
Lord, I Need Your Healing Power

While some of these books are not available through the publisher, they can be purchased from various websites on the internet and bookstores. Quin's books have been translated into other languages, primarily Spanish.

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